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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Planning Christenings in 2014

Wow it's been a while since I have been on the Blog and I wanted to share some behind the scenes pics and background from our Magazine so far!

This is a really exciting time for the amazing businesses in the Christening Industry and also for any of you that are planning a Christening or Communion in 2015!

We will have 6 jam packed issues filled with loads of inspiration, projects, recipes and ideas to plan your perfect day :) 

2014 saw some Amazing events and we are really looking forward to the year ahead but before we end the year we will be releasing our last issue on CAKES.... It's not to be missed and will showcase some of the latest designs in cakes, cookies and cupcakes. 

Enough talk... if you are planning your Christening for next year here are some fantastic themes that were created this year... So many ideas to draw inspiration from xoxo

Some of the businesses from issue 1 & 2

Candle Occasions
Collaboration from Cake by Kim & Lidesigns

Butterfly Creations Invitations By Marie

Edge House Design

Little Dream 

P&J by design

Just some of the amazing businesses that fill the pages of Blessed Magazine Australia!

Behind the scenes....

sneaky screen shots from Rach to me for issue 2 :)
My favourite messages from this gorgeous talented lady...

the front cover that was picked by our Facebook fans!
We love that you guys get to vote for what you want x

It was a hard Christmas for us but we had each other <3 
Me & Miss A 2013...

Reads for our 1st issue.... SUPER EXCITED at that exact moment!!!
Your support means everything to us and our businesses... <3

Easter issue in the making!!! Rach was a super trooper and did most of it on her own... So much love and respect for this girl xxx

Became distracted by life and needed some time out :(
Had to start living in the present.... 

And then BOOM!!!!


Thank you to everyone who has welcomed us back, to the gorgeous business owners and to those of you that follow us on our journey no matter what stage you are at in your life!!!

We have so much planned for 2015 but right now we are working on the latest issue and will have it ready for you to enjoy soon xox

Issue 4 coming this month <3

Happy Planning from Rach & Marina xo

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Behind the Scenes at the Emporium function Centre

Many of our fans have been asking for more information about function centres around Sydney to host their Christening event, so I went behind the scenes to the Emporium Function centre to find out how it works!

The food smelt amazing and it looked like the guests would not be leaving hungry!

The candy buffet, centre pieces and decoration were all organised by the talented creative team at the function centre....

Small details filled the room to set the mood for a beautiful baby girls butterfly Christening theme....

The jumping castle and kids colouring play area were all set up by the function centre leaving the run around details off the planning stages!

I was so impressed by the attention to detail and all the  services that were provided, the team was welcoming and the team leaders made sure everything went to plan!

For more details visit the website and make an appointment to see the venue.

To plan your Christening visit

For inspiration visit Blessed Magazine and read our 1st issue which is the leading online magazine dedicated to Christenings, Baptisms & Communions.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

The New Nautical by Gaia Creative

Today I woke up nice and early as I was invited by one of the businesses on our directory (
to photograph a Nautical candy buffet for a Christening event that she had designed.

What makes this Christening special is an old time friend had messaged me on my Facebook page asking for some inspiration for a Nautical theme she was planning for her Son. After sending her some pics, she decided to visit Rachel from Gaia Creative.... and the rest is in the detail,  which you are about to see :)

This is also a big Win for me as my little Christening hub really is helping busy Mum's find fantastic small businesses to bring to life their special day!!!

One of my favourite stand out features for this Nautical themed Christening is the wooden boat filled with sweet treasures... and that's just the beginning :)

And yes I did get to try these moist delicious vanilla cupcakes & cakepops made by Cakeolicious who is also on our Christening Directory planning website <3
The Anchor detail really set the nautical mood...

Marshmallows, milk bottles, raspberry clouds and more....

Chocolates, sixlets & lollipops... a huge variety of candy and sweets to delight every guest... Well I was delighted (note to good breakfast before photographing candy buffet)

A gorgeous ruffled blue & white tablecloth was the perfect touch for this elegant nautical theme... I can't explain what a difference a table cloth can make, especially one with ruffles :)

Bonbon's were made by the talented Godmother and tags were made by Gaia Creative to personalise each one... I did open one up and found lindt Chocs with almonds inside (sorry but I couldn't help peeking)

The venue was at the Bayblu restaurant which over looks the water and places you directly into the Nautical elements... visit restaurant HERE.

Every event celebrated and created is special especially when it brings family & friends together creating beautiful memories.

Every detail was well thought out and planned by both Gaia Creative & John's Mum.... Nautical themes have always been popular for little boys Christening and today a top bench mark for class and elegance was definitely created!

I'm sure coming into summer many of you are planning on a popular theme such as this, so I hope this post has inspired you and helped you plan your special day...

xoxo Marina